Sooly Kobayashi is a respected Lebanese Bitcoin advisor and entrepreneur, celebrated for his significant role in the proof of work ecosystem. With a background in international development and over a decade of experience in corporate sectors across the Middle East and Africa, Kobayashi expertly bridges Bitcoin innovation with real-world business applications.

As a pleb with BitcoinDuLiban and an active supporter of regional Bitcoin initiatives, he is instrumental in making Bitcoin accessible to diverse audiences. Kobayashi’s advisory roles with entities like Swan Bitcoin, Jan3, Bitcoin Dua, Bitcoin Dada and others demonstrate his prowess in translating complex Bitcoin concepts into actionable strategies for various organizations.

His personal triumph navigating the Lebanese economic crisis using Bitcoin underscores his deep commitment to empowering communities in the global south. Sooly Kobayashi stands out as a compelling advocate, driving financial sovereignty and empowerment through Bitcoin, and inspiring business leaders and enthusiasts alike with his unique blend of professional expertise and personal journey.