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For the first time, an intimate circle of global leaders of the Bitcoin industry, private sector and governmental bodies will get together in Dubai to discuss the transformative potential of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Oasis serves as a pivotal platform for knowledge sharing on the potential the Bitcoin ecosystem offers to investors and the UAE, and for Bitcoin businesses to explore the vast opportunities this unique country presents.

Why Join.

Institutional investors
& Family Offices

Bitcoin has exceptional ROI potential

Early stage investment opportunity

Meet business leaders & establish strategic partnerships



understand the UAE markets 

grow your personal network


Encourage innovation in the financial system

Identify the latest market trends

Understand geopolitical and economic implications of Bitcoin

Application Process

Bitcoin Oasis tickets are available on invite only.

To ensure a good match of attendees, investors interested in participating have to apply for a seat by submitting information about their professional background. The final participants will be selected based on their business profile, market reputation and match with the Bitcoin industry.

Guests of honor

Dr. Marwan al Zarouni

CEO at Dubai Blockchain Center



DaY 1 - Feb 08

Full conference day, Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights

A line-up of international and local speakers will enter into the most relevant topics that drive the Bitcoin industry today.

We will discuss Bitcoin’s implications on the UAE’s economy and society. We will further delve into Bitcoin mining and the UAE energy market, evaluate investment Strategies and Islamic Finance.

DaY 2 - Feb 09

Conference on the Yacht, location confidential.

Day 2 is all about creating a great environment for you to network and build long-lasting connections. We will delve into each of our main topics with a keynote, followed by an open Q&A. 

Community Day

After event – Feb 10, 11am to open end

This day is open to the public! Dubai’s vibrant Bitcoin community and international industry leaders get together in Peaches & Cream on the Palm for a rich brunch, roundtable discussions and talks. 

To attend, just RSVP on

Main Topics

Bitcoin & Business

a gold standard for the digital

Underlying economic principles

Its transformative potential

Mining & Energy

The energy market in the UAE

Rules and regulations

Risks and Opportunities

Finance & Investments

Islamic Finance

Investment strategies

Securities & treasuries

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The event is now open for applications. Secure your spot today.

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