Seven years ago, Ryan Nuckolls co-founded Pumpjack Power (PJP)– the first and only Power Provider created to specifically power the Oil & Gas Industry. While serving as PJP’s Vice President of Development, Ryan developed extensive experience operating within the ERCOT power market and developing infrastructure projects. Using this experience, Mr. Nuckolls also co-founded American Power Partners – a power generation firm focused on developing dispatchable resources within ERCOT. In 2021, Ryan launched a subsidiary of PJP, Crypto Power – the first and only Power Provider designed to exclusively “Power the Blockchain”. Recently, with a focus to “Build Our Digital Future”, Ryan has founded Digital Infrastructure Group which provides turnkey digital infrastructure development services in North America. 

Mr. Nuckolls is a graduate of the EJ Ourso School of Business from Louisiana State University, he has grown up in the energy business in Texas with his family having been in the industry for over 100 years. Ryan is an early adopter of bitcoin and blockchain technology, personally having been invested into the space since 2012. He has been recognized as one of the leading entrepreneurs in the energy & blockchain space, speaking at several conferences around the world and featured in credible media publications. Prior to the Energy & Blockchain industry, Ryan has nearly a decade of experience in the Oil & Gas industry in Texas.